Advanced File Manager For Windows 95, 98, NT 4 and 2000




What is it?

QuickShell is file manager built by long time programmers and power users.

We needed something like that for everyday use, just couldn't work without it, so we did it and then decided to go public.

We confidently feel that Quickshell is simply the first thing you should download on any new computer configuration. 

  Some features
Full Zip support, RAR and ACE support (test, view extract), descriptions support, navigator interface, bookmarks, unique directory QuickGo, internal high performance viewer for text (No limits whatsoever, editing, printing and filtering included), Hex, jpeg, gif, bmp, avi, midi, wav, Dialogic vox and more! Filter capabilities by any extension with multiple wildcards, sorting by size, name, creation date or comment all with a single click. Multiple rename (with an extremely powerful interface). Fully featured mp3 tag editor! View, Minimize QuickShell to the tray bar with the speed of a configurable hot-key and reopen it at the same speed. Automatic load at startup to have it always there when you need it. Optimized programming will not waste your memory or system resources while staying in background! Its cached multithreaded structure gives you power and flexibility and collects information during idle times of your computer. Move or delete files to or from a ZIP file like if it was a standard directory. Growing in power and flexibility with each new release, and all of our registered users always get new versions for free (the same day they are released)!
02 feb 2001 We've moved to a new server. Expect to see several news in the next days.
Unfortunately, while moving from one ISP to another, a link became broken, thus causing some downloads to be unusable. Now everything should be fixed (feel free to let us know if you find any problem).
Thank you.
22 may 2000 1.34 Version 1.34 released. Few bug fixes from version 1.33. This version will be distributed to shareware archives.
Web site slightly modified, by today, all of our registered users should have received their new security keys. If you are a registered user and have not received yours yet, it  is now time to contact us.
After a long time wait, version 1.33 goes to public release! Thanks to all who supported us by registering. NOTE: the security scheme has been been greatly improved to make sure using illegally pirated keys will result in a subtle malfunctioning software. This new scheme (which for its nature, is not expected to change again in a near future) requires new security keys. If you are a registered user, Hang on.. you will receive your new key shortly. If you haven't received it in a month or so from today, don't hesitate to contact us.
04 mar 2000 1.31 completely rewritten the web site big thanks must go to Andrea Tarsetti (
automatic folder monitoring is no longer activated on network drives
all the hot keys are handled in a completely new way: the will no longer interfere with other active programs
removed the optional color background for the toolbar :-)
the rename facility now lets you use new options: MT, MA, ML, MY, MC for easy access to MP3 track, artist, album, year and comments specified via ID3 tags
added an internal cache for file types icons to make directory refresh look immediately closer to the final (threaded refresh) form
added options to avoid showing some hidden files (like descript.ion and desktop.ini)
icons are now dynamically read from the system image list and thus no longer waste memory resources
changed the multithreaded programming model for a faster response
accessing an empty FLOPPY drive now causes a shorter lag
MP3 hints now try to show the encoder and recognize VBR files
added support for reading ZIP file comments
now you can avoid showing drives in both file lists
ACE and RAR support now shows additional information while testing and extracting
a completely new built-in text viewer
better support for odd SFV files
different icons are used to identify different file types when associating QuickShell
07 may 1999 1.09 the dialog for creating self-extracting ZIPs can remember user defined settings for later retrieving
the multiple rename facility can easily store and recall a user defined set of options
added support for FILE ASSOCIATIONS: now you can easily associate any file type with QuickShell and/or revert to its previous association at any time
06 may 1999 1.08 added support for automatically monitor folder changes
added EXTRACT ALL ZIPS option
hints show MP3 files information
added ACE support
added SFV support with file verification
a better interface for the built-in text viewer
28 jul 1998 1.07 added a lot of features to the multiple rename facility
better support for automatic refresh of the drive toolbar
now you can convert a ZIP file to an automatically unpacking EXE with your own customizations
added comprehensive built-in installer/uninstaller, thus reducing distribution size dramatically and no longer requiring an additional program in order to unpack the main distribution file
16 jun 1998 1.06 added RAR support
added MP3 tag editor
added multiple  rename facility
tested under windows NT4 and 2000: works perfectly!
smaller distribution archive
bug fixes
10 mar 1998 1.05 added built-in text editor
open explorer window icon added
added connect network drive
access to property menu
minor bug fixes
smaller executable
12 feb 1998 moved site to WWW.QUICKSHELL.COM !!! Now it's easier to remember where to get the latest update;-)
27 dec 1997 1.04 several new features
improved viewers
improved directory caching strategy

Please note: *all* updates are free and instantly notified to registered users :-)

  Download the latest version
Download a trial version now.
The trial version has all the features of the registered version, but can be tested for a small period of time (about 20 days) before registering it or removing it from your hard disk. The only limit in the trial version is that you can't view more than 100 files in the same directory. The trial version has an automatic installer and uninstaller, so that you can test it painless.
If you are already a registered user, this download is for you too!

version 1.34
Feel free to contact us for any problem, suggestion or comment.
Quickshell is now only 19 USD.
Registration entitles you to a personal registration key (sent by e-mail) that will properly unlock this and all the future versions of this software.
Registered users also receive e-mail notifications of new versions and updates.

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  The "Banner Dilemma"

This banner was created when we first released QuickShell, and was originally meant to be used with the LinkExchange network. I only recently got to see the click trough statistics showing some horribly low (~ 0.4 %) CLICK/VIEWERS ratio. now the question is.. is it that ugly? Online voting soon :-)



Last update on 02 feb 2001